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Paul Revere and William Dawes Routes

Map of Greater Boston
Full Map of Dawes/Revere Rides

NorthEnd to Charlestown
Paul Revere No. End to Charlestown Route

Charlestown to Somerville
Paul Revere Charlestown to Somerville Foss Park Route

Somerville to Medford
Paul Revere Somerville to Medford Route

Medford to Arlington
Paul Revere Medford to Lexington Route

William Dawes Route

Eliot Sq. to Mission Hill
Dawes Eliot Sq to Mission Hill Route

Mission Hill to Brookline
Dawes Mission Hill to Devotion School Brookline Route

Brookline to Harvard Sq.
Dawes Brookline to Harvard Sq Route

Harvard Sq. to Arlington Town Hall
Dawes Harvard Sq to Arlington Town Hall Route

Arlington Town Hall to Lexington
Dawes Arlington Town Hall to Lexington Green Route

Routes and Starting Times

Listed below are the routes and start times for the Patriot Day Events, please click here to learn more about the history of Patriots Day and the Lancers' role in the reenactments.

Paul Revere Ride Schedule - Monday, April 16th, 2012

10:00 am - Leave from Hanover Street, Boston, North End

10:20 am - Arrive in Charlestown, City Square

10:50 am - Arrive in Somerville Foss Park

11:30 pm - Arrive in Medford, Route 60 Gaffery's Funeral Home

1:00 pm - Arrive in Lexington Green, Mass Ave

William Dawes Ride Schedule - Monday, April 16th, 2012

10:30 am - Leave John Eliot Square, Roxbury

10:20 am - Arrive Mission Hill, Roxbury

11:00 am - Arrive Devotion School, Brookline

11:30 am -
Arrive Harvard Square, Cambridge

11:\55 pm
- Arrive Arlington Town Hall

1:25 pm - Arrive Lexington Green

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